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  1. Thanks for your time and your help and suggestions Doug6String, it's greatly appreciated.! I don't think I have a bad sound there is just this thing that everyone else seems to have that I'm missing. I'm have maybe 6-8 years experience but not an hardcore guitarist. I have other obligations in life!! I do sometimes use IRs. I went through my IR fase with guitarampmodeling.com and Poulins sims! I don't use them that much anymore I try to keep choice to a minimum. At some point I had so many I could not find the one I liked the most and spent my entire time switching! Now I mostly just go with the matched cabinets. I've pretty much just us Bias FX on iPad but now debating on Helix. But last weekend went back to TH3 for fun and wow!!! It be nice to also have the dry signal to! I don't know how this internal email thing works so I will look into it and I guess I could be getting something from you in the near future. thanks again!
  2. I did a quick Google and pick a few videos that demo Native and the hardware. Forget about the playing. The sound is fat , tubby and saturated that's the best way I can describe it. Like very electrical, fizzy, fuzzy! The only time I came close is when I tried micing for the first time for fun and was blown away! I'm also amazed has to how silent it always is and I to use gates. Is everyone swapping their stock pickups? I would like to try someones patch lets say a rock patch created more for Les Paul. I'm crazy for Marshall sound especially Ace Frehley. Play a couple of power cords and compare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOFVxQdM1BU
  3. Thanks for taking your time and replying. I'm aware of many techniques used to enlarge your sound but I'm talking about playing live. There are many videos of someone playing live and I don't get that sound at all. Of course there are videos with Amps and mics and going thru all sorts of units but if we go with some basic setup like for example: guitar -> Helix pedal board -> headphones or guitar -> usb interface -> Helix Native -> headphones. I never sound like they sound in their review videos. I will try to find a video to show my point and post it in the days to come.
  4. Hello, I have a question and it's not directly related to Helix Native but since I've been using it a lot lately then I decide this would be a good place to post. I also posted the same question on Bias FX Facebook.Why is it that every video post I see on the web regarding amp modeling weather it is a vst or an actual solid state modeling amp the sound I get is never the same, never as good by far. I'm sure there must be plenty of people thinking the same thing!!! Now I'm not talking a real amps miced up. For example let's take Helix Native as an example. I could never make my sound like the ones in the demos. I have presets that I'm happy with but it does not have that full lush tub sound like int the videos. I've been using amp modeling for years now and I never get close to any of those sounds. I'm plugged directly in Focusrite 2i2 and listening thru Audio-Technica - ATH-M40X. I have a Les Paul with stock pickups and a Squier Deluxe HSH Classic Vibe Strat. I also have a Blackstar ID:30 TVP and with my earphones it never sounds what I hear in videos either. It's not my earphones. I'm never played through monitors.
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