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  1. I want to know how expensive it would be to power my amp with some kind of power supply. Reason being is that I want to busk. But it might be cheaper to just grab a traynor tmv15 + a floor effects pedal because I will be switching tones. I will still need to power the effects pedal of course.
  2. Hey sorry if I am necroing this but I found a solution. My buddy lent me his zoom h2n that has a stereo line in input and it works like a charm. I might end up getting a room q2n as well because it has the same and it also records video.
  3. Hey fflvrgst, Thanks for the response. I am on a really tight budget(under $100 CDN). Yes, I am using the mp3 line in for the backing track. I have been trying to record the guitar with this usb mic I have. However, the DAW that I am using(Soundtrap) does not support monitoring so I have to try and line up the tracks or they will not be in sync. So far I am having a lot of trouble doing this. I figure the best way right now is to just record from the line out of my Spider IV.
  4. Hello, I would like to record from the "Line Out" to my Chromebook so that I can capture the backing track that I am playing over. Is this worth it or is it better to buy some speakers and a room microphone. What about just getting a seperate multi effects processor. Maybe one of those would do the trick.
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