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  1. Hello ! I'm using the Amplifi Remote for iPad with my Amplifi 30. I'm looking for a footswitch that can match with my ipad application. I tried the Positive Grid BT-2, but it never communicate with the Amplifi Remote... Does somebody got something that can works? I need at least to be able to play/rewind a track on the Amplifi Remote. Thanks for your help! Marc
  2. By the way, is this footswitch working : http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigblueturn/ ?
  3. A bluetooth footswitch? Very interesting! Can you give me some info for such a solution (if not too expensive...)?
  4. Hello, I want to use my Amplifi remote app (ipad/iphone) to play a song as a backtrack and play my guitar: no problem, I can hear the song and my guitar. I got several title where the guitar part is immediately playing. But if I tap the play button of the app, it's impossible to start playing guitar at the same time! Is it a way to add 2 seconds delay before the track is beginning? It will be cool to press the play button, then grabbing my mediator and start playing my guitar when the song starts... If anybody got a solution, it will be great!
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