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  1. I opened a support ticket and they said they assume it would work fine since the G10 wireless Line 6 manufactures is almost identical to the Boss system. I tried it out and it works fine with the Boss Waza Air headphones. I also tried it on the Boss wireless system (WL-50) and it works fine there too. Thanks, Bill
  2. Will the Waza Air fry the Variax electronics? Since it uses a TRS jack too, I wasn't sure if it would even work. Don't want to cook the Variax or the Waza. Thanks, Bill
  3. Thanks for the replies. I wired it correctly and it is much better now. For sure helped to thicken things up.
  4. Got a new JTV-89 about 6 months ago. The magnetic pickups didn't sound quite right, like maybe they were reversed. I took the back cover off and confirmed that the are reversed. Simple enough, I'll just swap them on the PCB. When I was researching the wiring, it appears that not only are the pickups reversed on the PCB (neck in bridge and bridge in neck), but it appears that they swapped the red and green wire on one of the pickups. According to the diagrams I've seen here W4 should be green and W5 should be red, but mine are reversed: Looks like maybe this causes the north polarity to be reversed (inner coil winding is going backwards)? So what effect does that have? Thanks, Bill
  5. Okay, odd question for sure but, let's say I wanted 2 official Line 6 floor controllers located in different areas of my studio (I have a Helix rack). Can they run parallel through a simple network hub or am I way underthinking this? Goal would be to have both controllers hooked up to a single Helix rack and receive and transmit the same data to the rack. One would be used where I sit, and the other in a standing position. Not looking to double the number of foot switch functions, just parallel it. I'm guessing this would be possible with a midi floor controller, but I'm interested in the Line 6 floor controllers. Thanks, WGW
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