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  1. I bought a Helix LT about a year and a half ago, and a couple weeks ago the expression pedal broke. I opened the Helix up and found where the pedal is mounted to the top, the metal had completely broken off, probably do to friction. I don't use wah a lot, usually I just use it as a volume pedal. And I'm pretty careful with my gear, so I'm frustrated this happened. I have heard that Line 6 is really good about fixing or replacing these units, has anyone else had a similar experience? Who should I contact in Line 6? (And sorry if someone else had already started a similar feed, I haven't checked) Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the advice! We have a good sound guy, and system, but maybe I'll bring a tube amp just in case, easy to play with just effects and shut the amp/cab simulations off.
  3. Hello all, I picked up a Helix LT last week and am excited to use it for the first time live this weekend. I was planning to run direct through a PA, no amp. (A nice change to not have to lug around a tube amp) I was just wondering if I create a good sounding patch through my headphones, is there anything else I should be doing to sound good through the the PA system? (Other than tweaking the EQ to sit well in the band mix) I had heard some have been disappointed with their tones through the PA, even when it sounds good through the headphones. Also should I use 1/4 inch through a DI, or XLR? Mono or stereo? Thanks!
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