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  1. Makes no difference unfortunately. It's maybe noteworthy that when the installer asks to connect my UX2 for hardware configuration, I plug my UX2 in and click 'next'. After that, he jumps very quickly to the next screen which says that the installation is finished. But it seems that nothing has happened you know?
  2. I have tried several cables and ports. I installed the latest version of monkey from the Line 6 website. Pod farm also doesn't recognize any devices. My device is also already authorized etc. Monkey also says that there are no drivers are installed. When I install the drivers and restart monkey, it still says no drivers are installed. It's strange because I can hear the typical windows sound that I have connected a device to my laptop when I plug the UX2 in. Btw: I use Windows 10 and freshly installed all the Line 6 software.
  3. So I picked up my Line 6 UX2 today after not using it for a while, and unfortunately the thing isn't working When I plug it in, the VU doesn't light up and the meters only go midway. Line 6 Monkey and Podfarm don't recognize my device either so he isn't working at all Only problem I ever encountered with my UX2 is that two year ago one of the pins inside the UX2 where you plug the cable in was a bit bent, so he made no connection, but I straightened it again and had no problems since then whatsoever Thanks!
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