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  1. My power cab is not working anymore. It's no more on warranty. I just want to open it to see if I can find something unsoldered. But I found impossible to open the cabinet. I unscrewed all its screws on the back and on the top handle, but nothing. Can you help me?
  2. Thank you for your reply Phil. I think the trigger on release could be an option or the default when the user associates a long press to a button. For normal operations, the difference should be very subtle. I didn't know you can associate momentary option. Great option too.
  3. Done, if you want to vote : https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-Stomp-Long-press-function-for-Footswitches/966150-23508?submitted=1
  4. Please add the possibility to assign a long press function to the switches. For example, long press FS1 to tune, short press to enable a booster, long press FS2 to go to looper mode, short press FS2 to chorus. It will double the usability of this great little unit! I think it's not so hard to implement that
  5. It’s not a stupid question as you quoted. With the battery and a 1/4†cable you can push the modeling knob and turn the guitar on. I asked if with the vdi cable it’s not the same.
  6. Thank you. the cable itself is not enough, I need to attach the other end to a helix to power the jtv, right? Is it possible something went wrong with my jtv vdi jack? I tried once with an helix that wasn’t mine, and it didn’t turn on. I want to know if my jtv is capable of working with the vdi cable to decide to buy an helix lt, but it’s out of stock in my guitar shop. Is there any test I can do to find id there is any hardware problem?
  7. I have a JTV 59 variax. When I use it with my VDI cable into USB with its interface alone, the guitar emulation system is off. Knob leds are off. If I put a 1/4 jack (with nothing on the other end) the JTV turns on and I can change guitar with the knob and seeing it change on Workbench. I've seen videos of users with helix and variax jtv, using only its VDI cable. It's enough to turn on the Guitar? Or I must use a 1/4 jack to switch it on?
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