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  1. I don't want to upset anyone. I want to be proven wrong about this tone.
  2. Why would I be banned? I'm not breaking any rules, and stating the truth about this tone isn't trolling. Prove me wrong.
  3. Can you replicate the tone in that recording of even one of the guitars? Timing and touch also has nothing whatsoever to do with the tone you hear, or are you suggesting that putting extra pressure on strings will get your flangar to voice right? Don't even get me started on the pickup ridiculousness.
  4. I bet my house. I bet my car. I bet everything.
  5. No really here's my Custom Tone preset that you are all so desperate for... nope
  6. Here's my Custom Tone Preset... just kidding
  7. It sounds a lot like you are all disappointed I haven't posted this preset on Custom Tone and therefore are either denying that I have gotten close to the tone, or if I'm even playing in my clip.
  8. You should probably get your ears checked. Without the multiple guitar tracks on the original recording as you correctly point out, my recording is as close as it will ever get.
  9. Let me give you a link to the exact isolated guitar track he used in that clip. It is the original from the record played by the great Andy Summers. Poor editing skills also.
  10. That's so retro, posting the original recording and thinking you're clever.
  11. But I'm not a troll. I just replicated the most sought after tone in history and want acknowledgement of it.
  12. No, the tone isn't "fine", it is more like "spot on". And you are jealous.
  13. Almost. I actually did it over the original backing track. You won't hear Andy's guitar on it since that can conflict with my attempt and give a false impression of how close I got.
  14. You can't hear that I didn't play perfectly in my recording?
  15. Wait, are you accusing me of being a fraud? Because I'll have you know there is no greater compliment than that when it comes to replicating famous tones.
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