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  1. Thank you, Matt! I understand what you're talking about, but do you know what size that hex key is?
  2. Hi, again! Can someone tell me, please, how to lower the strings on my JTV 89? What kind of tool do I need? Or do I have to take off the strings?
  3. Guys, one more question: can I find any good, custom sounds for JTV '89? 'Cos everything I saw was for the multieffects, or amps, or...
  4. Thank you so much, Phil, no, mine was second hand, it didn't come with anything! So I need the VDI cable (which I know) and a stand-alone VDI interface (which I don't know). :) Can you give me a link to an interface like that, please? Can I buy the one that was supposed to come with the guitar?
  5. Hi, guys! Can you, please, tell me what cable I should use to connect my second hand JTV89 with my laptop?
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