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  1. Hi guys, So I bought my Variax Standard 2 weeks ago, so far I love it My signal chain Variax > U2 Vive wireless system > input of guitar on Voicelive 3 > stereo outputs for guitar fx > XAIR12 I use backing tracks and use Bandhelper to trigger the tracks, but it also sends a midi signal to switch my presents on my Voicelive 3, This is all on a per song basis as I have all my delays reverbs for vocals different on a per song base (tempo based) My guitar fx are global at the moment meaning I use the same guitar preset for all songs in a stomp on/off approach To use the acoustic models on the Variax - I would rather use a splitter or line selctor to switch to a mono channel on my XAIR and bypass the Voicelive for acoustic processing Just to state I want the electric models to remain stereo (2 cable method) from outputs of Voicelive, The acoustic models would be fine in mono Am I on the right track thinking of a line selector or switcher ? Any thoughts or recommendations are welcome and appreciated
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