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  1. On the subject of how the Helix Native compares to the Helix Rack, I believe the main difference is that the guitar input of the rack matches with original presets and downloaded presets better out of the box. With tweaking of the input on the Helix Native I can get similar but the High Z input on the rack makes this so much easier.
  2. So I looked at a video about re-amping and in the tutorial it says to use USB 7 for output and USB 8 to record the track back, in my daw Studio One I am not seeing that as an option. Is there something I am missing?
  3. To update, I went ahead and ordered the Rack Helix, I liked the sounds in Native but to use in realtime in my daw I would have to disable all other plugins in a music project to bring latency low enough to play realtime. My thought is that I can record tracks with the Helix rack and re-amp any raw track at a later date if needed.
  4. So I actually monitor through a Babyface Pro, the 11Rack was routed via digital out to spdif (adapter) into the Babyface Pro. I am leaning towards the hardware unit of the Helix, considering for $99 I can also buy the Native it seems like a better deal. Something I have found with the Native software is the input needs adjusting quite often with downloaded presets, will this be the same with the hardware unit? Also does the rack version have all the same hardware as the foot pedal minus the foot switch? e.g. looper? Also is the Helix a lot deeper than the Elevenrack? I would like to be able to swap the units, I know the Helix is taller but from pictures it seems like it is also deeper?
  5. Hi all, so I have installed Helix Native and have been playing with it, I am coming from an Elevenrack and before that pedals and amps. My question is, with the Helix Native I am not getting the same feel as I do with the Elevenrack. Does the hardware Helix help with this or is the feel exactly the same between the Helix Native and the hardware Helix? Thanks for any insight you can provide. Patrick
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