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    Is there a way to set tremelo on a Spider V?
  2. It does that with my Spider V 240. Something really useful I discovered I can do with it, is watch the light for my timing when recording, so I don't get the click of a metronome.
  3. No. I figured it out. When I tap to the rhythm for a measure it sets the delay to work with that particular rhythm. Thankyou for your reply though.
  4. I thought it had something to do with controlling the amount of delay. But I have been trying it and it doesn't seem to do anything at all.
  5. The PC Spider Remote app has a way to load tones from disk but not a way to load them from the cloud. I have tried downloading tones to disk but I get a prompter that says I must have a registered product. I do have a registered product but there is no way to tell it that.
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