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  1. Thank you!!! issue is solved!!! Best regards!
  2. Thank you for your feedback. if you have a Lynn to update de Helix Edit, will be great. thank you.
  3. I just updated my Helix LT to 2.90 and when I do my backup, the IR'S folder in the Helix Edit has nothing. In the Helix Lt pedalboard, all my IR's are there. Does anyone knows how to upload your IRS, again from your Helix to the Helix Edit Software? Thank you!
  4. Thank you, it worked!!! I think the problem was that I had'nt updated the Helix Software, first. Thank you again for your promt reply.
  5. Thank you for your feed back. the stomps bottoms don’t apear even dough I’ve selected that option in global settings. I’ve gone back to 2.80 version and it works. In 2.81 version they don’t work. Let me know if this is a situation that happens to everyone?
  6. Hi Everyone. It seems that in the 2.81 update, the Stomps, cant be activated, even though you select them in Global settins, Foot switches on the preset mode switches to be Stomp/Snap. Let me know if its only my sistem or if its a bug in the new update. Thank you!
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