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  1. At this point my best guess is that maybe when someone applies a fast tremolo effect, like a 1/16, to a dry guitar track, the track must be tracked absolutely perfectly in time or the echo noise will sound more and more off time in playback. I thought my timing was perfect, because it sounds fine without tremolo, but it is off by a few millseconds when I zoom in really close. Maybe the tremolo sounds off because of this? I didn't think it would matter because I assumed it would just follow the host tempo and adjust accordingly.
  2. Hi All, I'm applying a tremolo snapshot on one of my tracks (Reaper is my DAW) and I keep noticing issues with the tremolo tempo synching. I'm using the clock feature and I've set it to sync with the host tempo. There are no tempo changes in the song, it is simply just 100 bpm, and I'm using 1/16 effect on the tremolo. I am recording dry guitars and then applying the effect, and the dry guitar track is perfectly in time. However for some reason, the playback with the tremolo effect will sound correct sometimes, but other times when I play it back, it sounds off time. Is this a known glitch? I know this seems like a really strange phenomenon, but I am certain that the playback is sounding different every time. I'm wondering if it has to do with the DAW, or where I'm starting from, or what. I noticed this in the past as well, and have avoided tremolo until now since it has been so fickle. Would love to hear if anyone has seen this issue before.
  3. Thanks SaschaFranck. I think that sufficiently answers my question. So the way I understand it is....as long as I'm using Helix Native for my amp modeling and using an audio interface to record, I should probably only be recording a dry signal for best results. If I try to monitor the output from Helix Native, I'll have issues with latency in my ears versus what I'm actually recording, even if it is very subtle. What you are suggesting makes sense, which is that I should get the modeling hardware so that I can plug directly into the Helix for recording, and therefore I won't experience this latency while monitoring. This helps clarify things for me. I suspect there are other users of Helix Native that haven't considered this. I'm glad I finally realized it after using it for so long! Yes, I was absolutely compensating for latency myself in many recordings. I often had to wait until the back end of a beat to nail it. Faster riffs with 16th notes were often problematic for me, and for a long time I thought I was just a terrible player. But after recording a dry signal I realized that I'm actually playing in the pocket.
  4. Hi all, I've had the Helix Native since it came out and love some of the tones I've been able to get out of it. I use an audio interface with very low latency (Focusrite) so I can noodle around with amplifiers. There isn't noticeable latency when I'm playing at all. However, recently I've had some challenges recording more complex songs, and I think it is due to some very subtle latency as the signal gets process in Helix Native. For instance, if I record something while monitoring the wet signal, my recordings always tend to be off just a bit. Everything sounds a little early on the playback. I'm guessing this is because I'm hearing the sound after it is processed, which is causing me to play the notes on my guitar just a little earlier then I normally would. I tested this by recording only a dry signal, with no processing, and voila, my recordings were perfectly in time. So since I know I can recording a dry signal in time, does that mean that I have to record all my music this way and then use Helix Native to process the signal later? It isn't ideal to do it this way, but maybe that's how everyone else does it as well. Would love to hear other people's strategies around this.
  5. I'm seeing the same issues with CPU using REAPER. Working on a Mac with plenty of power and have never had this problem using other amp sims. Actually, when I just re-amped some songs with HELIX NATIVE, and had awful glitching/freezing while doing it. I love the sounds I can get with HELIX, but this is really difficult to deal with. Really hoping Line6 can get this fixed in the future, it is very disconcerting.
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