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  1. Holy cow... this forum is almost as confusing as the Firehawk lol.... Anyway before I return this unit as defective I just want to make sure I have covered all the bases. Quite simply I cannot rename a user patch - ie: "32A" -User".. to lets say... "Rock". I have researched this for hours and read forum replies in regard but none of these procedures work on this unit. I have altered settings before saving... that does not work. When I hit save, it saves then takes me back to same page.. before I save my patch display on the app shows "user' in red. If I try to click on anything it takes me straight back to the starting menu. The cloud icon on my app is always grayed out and does nothing, When I click on the save icon after I have made my changes...it simply saves the patch and nothing else... No where at any time does a screen appear allowing me to change the name.. Any other effects unit I have ever had allows you to simply rename the user patches.. So---- Everything that is posted here in regard to renaming a user patch does not work... Is there anything else anyone can offer to accomplish this ? The Firehawk sounds great but if I have to stare down at "user # patch" all night its going back... Thanks!!!!
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