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  1. Well, I tried Factory Reset but nothing happens. Updated the firmware it back to 1.04, and successfully updated, but still freezes at Line6 logo. Reinstalled the Remote PC, it connects, but all the preset tones are gone.
  2. Hello. I'm new here, and I recently got a Spider V 60v. Works and sounds great for a couple of days until a week ago, I connected to my computer and made some adjustments to the preset tones. Then all of a sudden, when i wanted to switch to a different preset, it stayed the same name and effects on the entire amp and it erased all my presets. Tried restarting the amp, but it freezes at Line6 logo. Tried updating to 1.04 since it was on 1.02, but that didn't get all the factory presets in. I connected to my iPhone to Remote app, it was syncing but it took like 30 mins then it pops up "Device timed out". Help!
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