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  1. Hello Every one, I know it`s been a wile scince some one post this problem, but I found a solution. I have a WIFI 75 amp, and I spend a couple of years searchin for a solution for the Code 10 error on a Wndows 7 64 CPU. And today I finally find something that works: In the download seccion of the Line 6... I found this driver... If you read closely you`ll find that this driver fixes the ASIO problem, wich is exactly the problem, I mean the code 10 error comes because the CPU doesnt find a driver for an ASIO device, wich the WIFI is. So downloaded it and installed it... and works beatifull! (I wanted to paste it in this post but It dont let me) I hope this helps some desesparate musican out there... Be safe
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