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  1. Anybody able to help. When I plug my headphones into the amp (240), nothing happens. I can't hear a thing through them. Any ideas as to why this is happening Cheers
  2. Being somewhat of a thicko on this, Would I be able to transfer my Celestion Vintage 30's (marked as 16ohms) to my v 240?
  3. Not 100% sure buddy, but I would assume that it would
  4. Yeah mate, you can I got one free with my new 240 from guitar guitar. Works with the 60 and above.The amps have a built in receiver, just plug and play Works like a charm
  5. I've got a pair of Celestion Vintage 30's that I put in my old Spider 2. Just wondering anyone has changed the speakers in the V Cheers
  6. Excellent. Thanks for that. Managed to try some different tones using my nexus. The S7 still does not work for downloading tones
  7. I managed to reboot my phone. Very strange. I tried updating the FW but the app just kept doing nothing. It then just froze my phone. Thanks for the reply mate
  8. Anyone had this happen to them. Downloaded the Spider remote app and tried using it update the firmware on the app. Now my phone looks like it's goosed. RAGING
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