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  1. I recently saw a post on Reverb.com for a line 6 Axsys 212. Two actually. One was for $400 and the other for $800 (same amp, just posted twice). I asked the seller, who owns a vintage guitar shop in Miami, how he came to the valuation of these amps. I had seen them sold at Guitar Center and Music Go Round for like, $170-$300, and on Craigs for about the same. There is a fellow on ebay who is piecing out the amp, selling the speakers for $120 and the circuit board for about he same. The seller said that these amps specifically are poised to become vintage and that's why he raised the selling price from 400 to 800, pretty close to it's selling price and not bad for a solid state amp...but it just doesn't seem correct to me. I just wanted to hear what others thought about this, especially since I heard that modeling amps don't hold value. I'd also wonder what any Line 6 employees think about this?
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