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  2. Funny, the link I posted above sez the US only. Whatever, getting a free G10 (and a great amp) for my girl regardless so I'm happy. :) hip63 :P
  3. right here: But any who I think I figured it out. I missed a step (my bad) and now I've gotten my email from Line 6 so all good now. :) For the record, I'm actually a bass player and I use a Line 6 Bass POD XT Pro in my rack and G30 wireless (love 'em!). Got the LD15 too. I've purchased the Spider V 120 for my fiancé who's quite the guitar player herself for Xmas. The G10 probably won't make it in time for Xmas though after reading the fine print in the email. :( Oh well, it'll be New Year's present then! :) Thanks any who! hip63 :P
  4. HI, I've purchased the Spider V 120 and I've registered it yesterday. I've gotten my email confirmation about registering the amp. How long before I get the email with the information to get my free G10 for it? Thanks hip63 :P
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