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  1. I use an insert cable (TRS-2xTS) connected with a TRS coupler to the TRS plug on my pedal. Then I plug one of the TS connectors into my helix. Works great.
  2. I have that problem with a few of my keyboards. I have found that Logic sends "Note On" messages for many actions (ie arming a track). Disabling all "Control Surfaces" works. Changing the MIDI channel to anything but 1 was the best fix.
  3. I use a "insert" cable (TRS -> 2-TS) coupled (with a stereo TRS coupler) to my EV-5. I plug in the "tip" TS cable into my Helix (and the "ring" TS cable end is not plugged in). It works great! (I'm using the "insert" cable to bypass the ring connection—I could rewire the pedal so it is TS only). If I plug the pedal in normally, the volume (or other parameter) works correctly from "heel down" to mid-pedal. Then the volume (parameter) start to decrease until it is off at "toe down". It's an interesting effect, but I don't want that behavior. I just use my adapter "system" instead of rewiring the pedal.
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