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  1. Ozzy72

    G10 and Spider V

    I want to know if my Spider V has to be on when charging my G10. I turn it off and the light flashes as if still charging. I’ve yet to keav it there long enough to find out as I don’t want to waste time leaving it in there and finding out it doesn’t charge with the amp powered off.
  2. Hi. I have a Spider V. I’m trying to take a preset to my fbv express user b setting and adding effects. I don’t know how to program the added effects to stay on that channel. When I switch to user a c or d and come back, the added effects are gone. Please help!
  3. I bought a Spider V 240 with the promise of receiving a G10 wireless unit for free after signing in on the site with proof of purchase. This being done I was told to wait 4 to 6 weeks for a response to finalize details to have the unit sent to me. It has been longer than 6 weeks and I’ve received nothing. The wireless unit was a big selling point for me and I’m disappointed in the lack of response from Line 6 and how difficult it seems to be to contact them with this issue.
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