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  1. Thanks, that was a good hint. So... apparently if you use "Multi-Out" which allegedly includes "Digital" then it doesn't work. But, if I edit the out block in that specific preset and set the out to AES then it does. I get clock and it passes the output signal. Voila. This means that when I want to use the Helix as an insert effect on the board, I need to create a user preset with the I/O set up to AES. Inconvenient, but it works. The DM2000 displays clock status on all its digital inputs. Handy that.
  2. Greetings! New user here. I'm trying to interface our new Helix rack to our Yamaha DM2000 console via the Helix AES/EBU output. I'm running the AES out to one of the AES ins on the board. Both the board and the Helix are master clocked via word clock from an Apogee Big Ben at 48kHz. I've gone through all settings in the Helix, selected AES/EBU instead of SPDIF for the output and set clock to external wordclock. High quality 110 ohm XLR cable (15') interconnect. The odd thing is that not only do I get no audio, I don't even get clock on the Helix AES out. There must be something I'm missing as the unit is advertised as working this way..... Otherwise the Helix seems fine. Running the analog outs to our Pro Tools HDX system and no problems. Anyway, maybe someone's run into this before. Any help appreciated.
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