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  1. brewtodd1

    hd500 looper

    looper still not working correctly I have given up. line6 still no response. they are to busy with their helix customers and I bought a Mac and hdedit doesn't work
  2. brewtodd1

    hd500 looper

    i will try it and thank you for the help i really appreciate it the looper is a part of our show i havent heard from line 6 at all so thank you
  3. brewtodd1

    hd500 looper

    everything is maxed still not working
  4. brewtodd1

    hd500 looper

    thank you i will try it and let you kmow
  5. brewtodd1

    hd500 looper

    my looper seems to be stuck at half volume looking for help tried pre and post
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