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  1. Thanks guys, guess I'm not the only one that was stumped~
  2. There are six loops on each side of the front of the Helix backpack (12 total), what are they intended to be used for? pens? batteries? cigars, bullets? I can't figure why they are there?...
  3. Will the Boss EV-5 expression pedal work with the Helix?
  4. Yes, I meant without the base unit, no biggie, I purchased it from Sam Ash, 2.30 update first on list of things to do!, should have plenty of room in the backpack to bring it along~
  5. Yes, both should be arriving Tomorrow! (a little incentive to go for the Floor) I just hope my wife is home to sign for it when it arrives! I am hoping to be able to use it soon on some upcoming gigs, just need to get it sorted out. I have been a long time Line 6 user, been using my POD 2.0 since that unit came out, guess it's time to retire that bad boy, (save it for my nephew). I also spent some time accruing pedals and such, not sure how much I will be using them anymore? I have been using the G10 wireless and liking it, it would have been nice if it worked directly with Helix, but no biggie. Happy to say. with xmas around I got a great deal, and the free backpack! Do you think it will arrive with the latest rev. software?
  6. Hi, New Member here - Helix Floor on the Way! Almost bought the POD HD500X, then was looking at the Helix LT... I just decided to just go all the way, I am looking forward to hear and play thru it! Thanks, MAD
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