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  1. The problem is solved. I spent like... 5 hours of combining.... then in rage mode i decided to re-plug cables into acidentall way. I found out, that i can make real loop. I mean... Amp return mono into BOSS Left send.. .and so on... Amp send into boss input. So i plug guitar straight to amp input. The result is : i have able four chanels and internal effects of amp - i like it, because i found out that the distortion from amp is much more natural and warmer for ear than boss. So i decided to use Boss ME as a modulation effects/wah center only... so the distortion coming only from my amp. I love this setup. Everything now seems fine... i am a idiot in these things... so im happy i found the way atleast. Thanks for your response mate :)
  2. Hi there. This is my first post on this forum. I need to find a solution for this problem. My equipement - ESP ltd ex400 (emg 80/61), BOSS ME 70, FLEXTONE III XL I decided to use BOSS ME-70 as my whole effect point.... so to make it. I avoiding preamp of Flextone III XL, so i can use only speakers of the amp.. so BOSS ME 70 doing whole job about creating my tone. The problem is.. that i can't get decent distorted sound, which won't be hurting ears becaues of weird HIGH TONES... even if i will reduce treble pot on BOSS ME70 to minimal ammounts... amp keeps producing weird thin, high sound... it is pretty feel-able at around 7 meters from amplifier. Any solutions? Maybe i shouldn't avoid preamp... so i would try to set a "cleanest clean" on flextone possible.... How to make it then? I can't just switch off of simulations on the amp. Please. Don't ask me why i'm using multieffect, while i have amp with bunch of effects... i just like much more ME70 instead of Flextone simulation and effects. Some say, these high, ear-attacking sounds, are just affected by my active EMG pickups... but i don't think so this sounds coming out of the pickups.. just because it's have additionall power. Btw. when i'm avoiding preamp in flextone, i just have to plug "dummy jack"... which is weirdest thing i ever saw about amps... is it.. "legit" in musical sense. Greetings and i hope someone will answer here.
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