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  1. diverkev

    firmware issue?

    Thanks for the reply. I have now confirmed that it is my phone which needs to be updated. I am disappointed that these things were not mentioned in the marketing blurb. This has now become a very expensive new purchase. I have now found that I can use the amp by side loading the Amplifi app through my Kindle fire.
  2. diverkev

    firmware issue?

    I just got my Amplifi 75 and was looking forward a plug and play experience. So much for that idea. I have now bought the lead for updating the amps firmware and completed that but I am now being told that my android phone is old and the firmware in that will not run the remote app. The app has loaded and I can move the sliders and choose equipment but nothing affects how the guitar sounds through the amp. Does anyone have a solution to this? I have been told by the supplier that I need to get a new phone, this is another expense that I did not expect.