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  1. Hello Silverhead, First of all I must thank you for your answer and your valuable advice. I confirm your analysis, they are indeed presets or rather corrupted addresses. According to your methodology, I performed a system reset ( FS9/FS10 ) and the Helix/LT has recovered the reason ! I did not know all repair procedures because the instructions for use of the Helix/LT is not complete ( Version 2.10 ). Line 6 should make the effort to update its documentation because since 2016 the material has evolved. I don’t know how to thank you for your help. I appreciated your competence. Best regards Mike
  2. Hi all, Maybe I’m in the wrong place to expose my problem. Can you guide me? Regards Mike
  3. Thank you Hillman1312 but in my case the setlist is empty ( no preset saved ) I observed this anomaly by accident !
  4. OK ! Thank you qwerty42 for your prompt response. As requested, I restarted the Helix LT ( disconnected from the PC ) and observed the same symptoms. Navigation on the setlist 5 up to the preset 09A ( empty ) and device crash ( black screen ) . Restart and always the same observation. I fear the worst !!! For info: Helix LT 2.90 / Hx Edit 2.90 - Windows 10 The other setlists seem to work correctly Regards Mike
  5. Hi All, After the update of firmeware 2.90, I see an anomaly in setlist #5 and crash of Helix LT. Your opinion please ; Thank you for your reply Regards Mike
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