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  1. Hello all. New user, long time lurker. Just pulled the trigger on a Helix Floor along with a Mackie Thump 15 and had some questions. I play in Austin, TX with a couple of different cover bands, and within those bands, some nights I'm playing bass, some nights I'm on lead electric guitar. I have gotten really tired of having to change my pedal board up depending on the gig/band/instrument I'm playing. I had extensively thought about a Kemper, but went to the Helix after seeing a friend use one and the editor/UI looked so much easier, and the Helix seemed to have better bass options. These cover band gigs are played to drunk people, and if I can get 98% of the way there with my tone, they'll never be able to tell. Also, I use Westone IEMs, just as an aside. Couple things I wanted to ask. - Is the Mackie Thump 15 my best bet if I want something that can handle both Electric Guitar and 4-string Electric Bass? I've seen some users post that they can get a pretty flat sound there, and the Thump's seem to have the widest freq range of any FRFR powered speaker I've found. (Need to get down to 41Hz for a low E on a 4 string bass) - I use an ambient stage mic for my IEMs, since most of the groups I play with don't mic everything (small stages on 6th mainly). Since I'm not going to be wireless at the Helix, Could I run my ambient mic into the XLR/Mic In, my board feed of monitor sends into the Aux In, and guitar into the guitar in, and then route the Mic In and Aux In to the headphone output only, and not to the main outs of the system? - If I do as outlined in #2 above, and I'm running a Mackie Thump onstage, but want to put it into the house as well, would you do 1x XLR out (left/mono) to the house, and then one of the 1/4" outs to the Mackie simultaneously? Sorry for the above questions, but I've done some searching and hadn't found anyone asking the exact question for this kind of situation.
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