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  1. that is a thing that buying an Alto 10" instead of 8" you shoudn't notice, right? especially the low part..i don't know because i'm actually thinking to go with the alto 10" bc it should have more low than the headrush 8" and also bc you can use them with microphone etc in the future if you need..but yeah between alto 8" and headrush 8" is probably better the last one..but i still don't know if the alto 10" should play better than headrush 8" and if for home and small events 10" it's too much or 8" could be too small
  2. what kind of notable difference did you hear?
  3. so, my hear it's not so good but it sounds pretty the same to me XD probably just a little bit better the headrush but still pretty the same
  4. Could you explain why for guitar today you'd get the Headrush instead of the Alto?
  5. I saw the headrush reports 46-22kHz and the alto reports 54-22kHz. But the alto is yeah more expensive. Beside that the alto is 10" and the headrush is 8". About this point do you think you can notice the difference for home/jam/small bar/party scenarios?
  6. I love the office, so thanks for the laugh XD I read that are basically the same, but I don't get why the headrush it's FRFR and the alto don't Also there's much difference between the 8" and the 10" to play in those occasions?
  7. Hi everyone! Sorry in advance for my english. I own an Helix LT and I'm not sure if it's better the Headrush FRFR 108 or the Alto ts310. I will play this at home, in small events or with some friends. I have these questions: 1- The Alto it's not an FRFR, right? 2- Speaking with someone who sell these products they told me the headrush it's better with modeler like Helix because it's FRFR 3- There is a lot of difference with the "low"? because the 8" of the Headrush instead of 10" about the Alto 4- The 8" it's good to play at home or in small events or just with some friends? 5- Which one do you suggest? Thanks very much!
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