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  1. Hello Users, Has anyone utilized the Line 6 G30 Relay with an (electric) acoustic guitar? If so, what's the overall performance and thoughts of this set-up. I currently run it on my Epiphone Les Paul, but recently acquired a Taylor electric acoustic guitar. looking for thoughts and feedback....
  2. Hello To All, I'm looking to see if anyone has developed a patch for the song "Who You Say I Am" by Hillsong. If not, is anyone familiar with the song to see where's a good starting point for pedal selections. Respectfully, JK
  3. Thanks for the information and I greatly appreciate your assistance. This will get me started with some of the pedals, but I'm sure there is more information out there referencing all of the pedals.
  4. Does anyone have any documentation on the pre-loaded effects pedal within the POD HD500X and how they cross-reference to the manufacturers pedals? IE, Pages 7-1 thru 7-11 within the Advanced Guide indicate the various effects pedals. Page 7-2 lists the distortion pedals. The "Tube Drive" model cross-references to which manufacturer? Has there been or has anyone developed any type of "cross-reference" chart for all of the effects pedals within the POD HD500X system?
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