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  1. Hey All, When editing a channel in the HD500X in the computer or laptop is there a way to save your new settings from the comp or laptop keyboard instead of bending over every-time to press the save button on the unit ?
  2. Hey All, I have the HD500X- I can not find anywhere in the literature about the 1/4 inch Amp/Line output switch. I play at home in thru my amp and when I play out on the weekends it is normally thru the sound board with no amp in the stream. Question is 1. Does this switch indicate from the unit to indicate what I will be going thru line an amp or thru line into the board ? 2. If so then I guess I need to switch this back and forth from different venues ? 3. Does it really matter what setting I am in Line or Amp ? If so why ? Thanks RLaMar7V
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