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  1. Hi everyone. Over the weekend I successfully updated my Helix LT to firmware version 2.90. This morning, I attempted the 2.92 update to resolve some of the issues with the tuner. The update crashed part way through and initially the unit was stuck in update mode. After rebooting and attempting another update as prompted, the whole system has crashed. when the unit is switched on, no text appears on the screen. I get 3 small boxes of interference initially whilst the loading bar travels across the screen shortly followed by a flashing square of interference in the middle of the screen. I have left the unit plugged in for an hour to see if it re-boots but it is frozen in this state. I have tried pressing buttons 6 & 12 simultaneously and starting the unit up, this results in a frozen blank screen. I have updated both Line 6 updater and HX Edit but the unit is unable to communicate with them on account of its frozen status. Any help and advise would be appreciated before I decend into the pits of lockdown lunacy! Thanks Stuart
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