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  1. Originally I was going to sell a few things and get a Deluxe Reverb, then realized, I'd never play through it! I currently have a Pocket Pod and 99.9 percent of the time, I play through it. I don't play out anymore, no band, just me a backing track and the pocket pod. I was thinking , there must be an upgrade from the pocket pod, which is pretty good, but it would be great to get something I could do the same with. In other words, play with a backing track, via headphones BUT as an upgrade , be able to play the same through the amp and the same quality of sound I get from my headphones. So, is that one of the Amplifi Amps? Is that something I could do with the TT and a good speaker set or other speaker ( Bose Acoustic Wave I have ) And FINALLY.....what about the quality of the Amplifi 150? I don't like what I am reading on this forum about that amp! Anyway, suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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