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  1. Ok. So I like my spider v 120 with my fbv3, but let’s be honest. The speaker is lollipop!!! Lol. So my question is. Can I change this to a better speaker? and if so what would be best for in box and size?
  2. yeah ill be getting one of those. The looper still has a delay though. even if im strumming with one hand and press the button with the other. Alway a 2 or so second delay at least....is there a timer or something
  3. Well I was told that the mk2 works as a looper. Not true. Sooooo why is there a delay with the actual button on the amp. No matter what I do. Can anyone help with this. I don’t have a pedal as of now. Also what the best floor board to use with this amp.
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