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  1. I bought the Firehawk 3 years ago (I couldn't afford the Helix) still can't...and I've been frustrated with gettting a good tone. I use my Sennheiser headphones as a reference, I've listening through AKG K240 headphones with a flatter response as well, and I don't hear the crispness I think one should hear in ANY of the cab models...I've fiddled around with Mic Placement, Type etc...so then, I tried turning the cab models off (a painstaking process to be sure)...Clean tones seem to do okay..Am I doing something wrong...I know this will all change when I play through my amp, because of the switch on the back...It would be great to get some advice from someone, because I would like to walk into a gig with just the Firehawk and sound really good.
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