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  1. JewbaccaYT

    Tone Help

    Thanks for the advice! I am learning to play the solo in the mean time so it helps. But that's mostly playing wise. For example, I know he used a Mesa/Boogie amp for this (AxeFx sim i believe, though he used to use L6), but i am not so sure on, for example, the eq or distortion. I know he uses an Ibanez Prestige 7 with what i believe is a Liquifire in the neck. So mids go up quite a bit, but everything else i'm unsure about.
  2. JewbaccaYT

    Tone Help

    Hello, I'm using a POD HD Pro X, and i was wondering if anybody could help to create or suggest ideas to get a Lead tone similar to Mats Haugen from Circus Maximus. (primary example here:)