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  1. ghattas92

    Need some informations about amplifi 150 and fx100

    Ok ! So the floorboard doesn’t connect with a jack 6.35 but with a cat 5. That’s better in my case. For the looper i understood thanks ! The rc 30 has, like you said, two channels so it can be possible. I think i will go for the fbv3 ! Merci beaucoup !
  2. ghattas92

    Need some informations about amplifi 150 and fx100

    Ohh your answer is so complete. I wasn’t expecting an answer like that thanks a lot. So you’re sayin that with a fbv3, i can map all the features of my amplifi app and can control them with it ?? And i’m also using a boss rc 30 looper, i was wondering how can i setup the boss with the pedal and the looper ? (Guitar -> loop -> fbv3 -> amplifi for example) Can i for example loop a rythm clean guitar and put a tone for the solo ? Thank you for your first answer it’s nice, really
  3. Hello everyone ! I have some questions about The amplifi. I want to buy an amplifi 150 for my electric guitar and it looks great because i also need bluetooth speakers for my room for a long time. But i would also like to control the effets of The amplifi with pedals so i thought it could be nice to buy also the fx100. My question is, is it a good idea ? (I need bluetooth speakers), and is it possible to play with both? And which one will i connect with The amplifi remote app ? What’s your opinion about this. My budget is 500 euros. Thanks in d’avance !