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  1. My new LT's expression pedal's rubber surface is a dust magnet. There's no cleaning it. Anybody found a workaround or an accessory to go around that? I am aware that it's no big deal: pedals, lying on the floor, are always a bit messy. But the Helix's sleek, matte and shiny surfaces, well...it just doesn't look its best with a nasty big pedal on the right. B)
  2. That's almost EXACTLY what I had in mind. Thank you !
  3. I will receive my Helix LT tomorrow. From the moment I placed the order online and today I've been reading the manual and this forum, and realized that the names used by Helix for the modelled amps, cabs and effects are different that the actual ones they emulate (I guess for obvious trademark and intellectual property reasons). Has anyone tried to put together a "translation" list of sorts for these names?
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