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  1. I just got an Amplifi FX100 . While I can see where it might become useful at some point, I've got three questions that are between me and making the thing work: 1) The "Save to Amplifi FX100" option never enables. I make changes to a patch, try to save - either from the "My Tones" list or from the edit page - and the option stays disabled. What do you have to do? 2) How do you actually hear the options you're editing on the app? Am I missing something, or are we editing them blind? 3) WHen I tap "Play My Music", the list of songs appears for about a second - then rolls back to the Music Source page. There's not enough time to even try to tap an option. I must be missing something; this app (and, ergo, pedal) can't be completely useless, can they?
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