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  1. Yes this seems to be the only solution for what I am after. I've been producing music for years and never seen a reverb that operates like this. I'm curious why they made a design decision like that.
  2. Hey folks, I noticed that the mix parameter on the reverb models doesn't work as stated in the manual. Mix: Sets the balance of the dry & wet signals, from 0% (dry signal only) to 100% (wet reverb signal only). But in fact it works like a send until 99%, and works like a dry/wet at 100%. So in between 0% and 99% the dry signal is always there at the same volume, and the wet signal gets added to this. At 100% the dry signal suddenly gets cut. So for example there is no way of getting 10% dry and 90% wet. Just put a reverb and switch the mix back and forth between 99% and 100% to see it yourself. The reverb mix on my old POD XT works as it should, the more I turn it on the lesser the dry signal gets, until it drops to zero at 100% wet. Is this a bug or strange feature I can't seem to grasp on the HD 500? Any work around for this?
  3. Hi, I have a two channel overdrive/distortion pedal that I want to use live with my POD HD500. I don't use POD amp sim. I figured out how to connect POD to a combo amp using the 4 cable method. Now I wonder if it's possible to achieve this signal chain: Guitar-->POD Boost Comp-->My OD pedal-->POD Chorus-->Combo Amp-->POD Delay-->POD Reverb. Can this be done with the 4 (possibly more) cable method? Or some other way? I want to use the boost comp to drive the OD pedal a little more when I need to. Any help would be great!
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