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  1. Thanks so much. I’m really excited to try the helix. I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on a pair of Yamaha HS5s tonight. Think they should be a good starting point.
  2. They do seem to get good reviews. It seemed like it be a cool travel option as well. Like I said above I don’t need a ton of low end but just want to make sure the speaker doesn’t fart out with lower tunings.
  3. So I take it you like the JBL’s? I don’t need lots of low end just want the speaker to withstand lower tunings. I’ve been trying to research frfr speakers and it’s mind boggling. The prices vary a decent amount and I don’t want to lose something because I went with a cheap speaker. I’ve read good things about the Yamaha dxr8s.
  4. Hmm.. Interesting and thanks for the recommendation. I would have never thought to look at something like that. I should have said i mainly play 7 string guitars and like heavy sounds. Would these be able to handle the low end.
  5. Hello! Just bought a Helix and was hoping to get some ideas on how to run it. I’m mostly a bedroom player and would like some ideas on how everyone is running there’s. I’m trying to decide on weather or not to go power amp into guitar cab or just go frfr speaker. I’m new to the whole modeling world and don’t know much about frfr speakers. Any help would be appreciated. Just looking to get some feedback and ideas.
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