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  1. So I am planning on getting an amp because currently I play in a orchestra but I always connect the helix lt directly to the pa, they have a really expensive sound system so I didn't think I needed anything else. But now I am going to start to play with a band to go on tour and I'm thinking that I will probably be playing most of the time in small places, where the PA system will be much worse, and not only that, I think the group gains in sound quality if I have my own amp, don't think I want to connect the pedalboard to the speakers that the singer will be using for the voice, I prefer an amp for all possible scenarios. What happens is that I am pretty noob to amp and speakers, I've learnt quite a lot using the helix but I really have no idea where to begging. For example, will I lose sound quality if I use the helix only for effects connected to the amp I buy? Also, should I get an amp or a speaker? (I don't even know what a Poweramp is for so you can figure out how lost I am), I've worked quite a lot in my helix presets and I do have a good organic sound, but I don't know if I should get now an amp and bypass amps at the helix or get an speaker which I don't even know the name of which I can use without bypassing the map. Also, what about the cab? I'm guessing I would have to get one, and what's that even for? Is it like an amp? Lol, and a mic. I frankly would appreciate some help to guide me on this change
  2. Okay I just found it, I had a high cut assigned to the expression pedal and I forgot it was assigned to the expression pedal... Lol, I am dumb, but I make good presets, thanks anyway!
  3. I am using helix lt, yes something I said doesn't seem to make sense, I will explain it in other way. In all my presets, the EXP 1 is working as volumen, even if I have no wah or volume pedal in the preset. This works like this in some presets, and not in others. So I thought, maybe there is a setting in global options to assign the exp pedal globally? I don't know. I'll show you the preset, but no matter what pedals of expression I put at the begining, even if I put none, the EXP 1 works as volume.
  4. So, I was setting the wah pedal but I noticed that the expression pedal 1 was also assigned to volume. But I had no volume volume in the preset, I have tried creating new presets but whenever I paste any pedal from the presets the exp 1 (red one) works as volume even if there is no volume pedal. This is messing up with the wah games I am doing. And can't seem to find a solution, what am I missing?
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