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  1. How do you have the JC40 setup? I have one I've been trying to get rid of. I always found it was too flat to sound good without a cab sim, and too colored to sound good with one.
  2. Gotcha, I just thought it might be possible to eliminate the gap if only one element of the chain was swapped out rather than the whole thing, but I have zero idea of what I'm talking about. It just feels like a waste to have DSP eaten up on two amps for example if only one is ever used at a time. Maybe that's something that could be added in the future? Multi channel amps? I'm sure it would use more DSP, but maybe less than running two entirely seperate amps.
  3. Anyone have a link to where Line 6 said it would make more sense in the future? Purely speculation on my part, but maybe they'll somehow allow effects to be changed out for another with snapshots or something. With a press of a button your Placater Clean can be swapped to a dirty for example. I have no idea if that's even possible, but it would make the 6 blocks much less of a limitation.
  4. I did try just using AUX in and it was coming out the main outputs. I figured out another solution that doesn't use a block. Set AUX IN, Set headphones to monitor main outputs, put all guitar chain on path B, give FOH the Send output. In that setup all I would hear is the monitor feed, but I my guitar will be in there anyway, so no problem. Actually, that might be the smarter way to do it and it leaves all 6 blocks available. The only downside is I can't use a separate path in making my guitar tone, but I never do that anyway. Thanks guys! You got my gears turning and now I have a couple of solutions to try out.
  5. I like to be able to bring audio into the HX, hear it through the HX's headphone output mixed with my guitar signal, but only send my guitar to the main outputs. That's how like to monitor the rest of the band and hear click tracks and whatnot. Saves me from having to have a monitor pack and worrying about batteries. I just run a headphone extension cable along with my guitar cable to the HX and I'm good.
  6. I guess I'm alone. Well, in case anyone else is interested this is totally doable, but it costs 1 block. Set the "return type" to return. Set "phones monitor" to send. Probably want to set volume control to just control the headphone output. Then you want to set a y split at the end of your guitar chain and a return block on path B. Then move the mixer to path B. use the mix on the control block to balance the in ear mix. I'm over the moon I managed to make this work! Hopes this helps someone! PS it would still be killer if you could do this without eating up a block.
  7. On Helix Floor I run my monitor feed into a return and have the output set to 1/4 so that my XLR sent to front of house is only my guitar signal. That way I don't need a monitor pack, I just run a headphone extension cable along with my guitar cable and I'm set. Is this possible on HX Stomp? More specifically without eating up a bunch of blocks? If not, I beg you line 6 to add this functionality! Thanks!
  8. I don't see any advantage to using an additional interface. Plugging the Helix in directly via a CCK works very well and allows you to do things like recording both the wet signal as well as a dry one for reamping.
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