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  1. I see. Yeah I will want 7 or 8 separate tracks for the drums, so sounds like I'll be going with a separate audio interface for that. Thanks.
  2. Uber Guru, thanks for that detailed explanation of the ins and outs. I'm planning on recording acoustic drums (8 mics), guitar, bass, and vocals. It sounds like I will need an audio interface to accomplish this. E.g. a Focusrite 18i20. In that case, I'm thinking the best workflow would be to have the 18i20 set as the interface for my DAW, and run the helix through the 18i20, rather than switching between the 2 interfaces in my DAW every time I want to switch between drums and guitar. But that brings up a point about monitoring directly through the helix to avoid latency. Is this a good way to go, and if so, can I still somehow monitor through the helix while using the 18i20 as my interface? If not, do you have a better recommendation? Thanks.
  3. I'm trying to figure out if I can use the helix as an audio interface for recording all my instruments, including acoustic drums. I thought I might be able to do this by connecting it to an 8 channel preamp, like the behringer ada8000 for example, which would give me room for 8 drum mic inputs. However, I came across this youtube video where he says the helix has 8-in and 8-out via usb: I don't understand what that means. Does the helix have 8 inputs I can plug mics into? From looking at it I don't think so. Does it mean I can connect and 8 channel preamp to it? Can someone please explain what the 8 in and 8 out means? Also, if I want to use the helix as an audio interface for recording drums, would I do that by connecting it to an 8 channel preamp? Thanks.
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