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  1. Hi DunedinDragon a really informative post. I've read some of your previous posts and they are great I especially like your point about the rest of the band backing off and allowing the solo to cut through
  2. Hi Plunky and Saschafranck thanks for your input. Plunky -Hopefully the experienced guys will respond but with my limited knowleadge I use the 4 preset/ 4 snapshot option (global settings) and one of my snapshots is used for solo boost . Here I increase the ouput block from -5db (normal) to around 0db for the solo on that snapshot only. Being a snapshot you can also add other options (ts808) to obtain your tone/feel. Saschafranck- Thanks for suggestion I'll give that a try as well
  3. Thanks again themetallikid. I really appreciate all the help I've just adjusted the ouput block to -5db for normal settings and 0db for the boost and it's miles better. Just a small amount of tweaking should now do it. I've also dropped the TS 808 into the mix as you suggested and that sounds great also. I've always steered clear of modelling amps but for me the Helix (if you perservere) is great, highly intuitive and even addictive. This is my first post and ask for guidance and you've solved it, so thanks to you all Cheers
  4. Many thanks rd2rk and themetallikid for taking the time to reply. That's great I'll give that a try. I've been using an amp block and increasing the channel or amp vol a few db for boost . Cheers
  5. Hi Guys I'm a Helix LT beginner and I love it. However, I'm having difficulty getting a decent solo tone when I boost the volume for the solo itself. I am happy with it at lower volumes but as soon as I increase/boost the volume it looses that syrupy/fluid feel and tone. It seems to clean up a lot and become too sterile. Hope that makes sense ? Anyway , wondering if you can please point me in the right direction with some ideas I might try. I run it into a stagesource L2t. which I set at 12 o'clock and I set the Helix master at around 12 also. I play a HSS strat and solo on the Seymour Duncan JP HB. Many thanks in advance and apologies if I haven't provided enough info.
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