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  1. ok, good to know. There's the V which seems a lot better but I still gather there's no send/return function.
  2. That's interesting. Would you say that's a bit of a weird set up though? I don't imagine a lot of people would do things that way.
  3. I'm not too tech savvy so bear with me. I have the Spider IV and really like the built in effects. So I bought a Boss loop pedal, plugged it in, and realised that the effects weren't being captured in the loop and that if I wanted to have effects in the loop I'd have to replicate all the effects in the amp with pedals. Just seems a little crazy to do that. I ended up returning the Boss pedal as it was then of no use. Since then I've been trying to figure out the best option and not having much luck. Just wanted to double check on these forums that there's absolutely no way to get the loop to come after the amp??