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  1. I bought a JTV-89 hardtail when they came out almost a decade ago. I really like the sound of the "real" bridge pickup. Have they kept building these with the same pickups throughout the years? I bought some from a guy that had replaced his in his JTV-89F, and am going to install them in another guitar, but want to make sure it's the same thing before I go through the trouble. I probably should have asked before I bought the pickups.
  2. Are there any plans to add this stuff from the pod X3 to the Helix?: Amp models: Lunatic 1996 Brit JM Pre cab model: 4x12 2001 Line 6 I just got a Helix as an upgrade from the X3, and have been able to dial in workable tones for everything except my favorite metal rhythm tone I had in the X3 that was a combination of the Lunatic and 1996 Brit JM Pre amp.
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