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  1. PLaying with the mix worked. Thanks for the tip on that.
  2. I’m using a single FX loop - but also tried the separate send/return blocks and got the same result.
  3. I have a Line6 Helix that I’m using with a pedal board. I’ve got the board going through the Helix effects send/return loop 1, and the Helix-out goes to the input jack of the amp - an AC30S1. The first pedal in the chain is a Fryer Treble booster. Through the Helix everything sounds anemic, thin, and totally underpowered. No matter what pedal I stomp on or off. All I’ve got in my Helix signal chain is the effect send/return loop object. But if I plug my guitar directly into the pedal board and go straight from the board to the amp, the sound is fantastic: beautifully overdriven and sweetly distorted. Sustain is great. I’ve checked that I’ve got Line (not Instrument) checked in my global settings. I’ve checked the impedance on the guitar IN for the helix. The higher I set the impedance the more the sound improves. But even at the max setting, the distortion sounds “farty” and the sustain is really poor. Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated. - X
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