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  1. No shaking did not make it worse. I think the capsule was just loose and not making proper contact with the 3 spring loaded contacts. Once I tightened it up I think its good. Haven't used it for any long period of time yet, but so far so good.
  2. Did you have the same symptoms when your wire came loose?
  3. Found that the head of the mic *may* have been loose. If anyone with a XD-V55 can try this out to verify that this is expected behavior, it would be helpful for the community. So the test is to loosen the mic head element (the part which exposes the 3 spring loaded vertical connection pins) just enough to where good contact is not being made by the pins, then see if the behavior happens. Thanks.
  4. Today I turned my XD-V55 ON and within a couple minutes, noticed that the receiver was flashing between all green and red and mute. The mic display flipped respectively between mute and regular mode. The buttons on the mic did not respond and when I did manage to get a response from the mute button, the flipping around just started again within a few seconds. Replace batteries etc. no change. It finally began behaving after letting it sit e for a while then changing the channel. Is this the behavior when it does not like the channel? Has anyone ever seen this behavior or have any idea what the heck just happened? Is this the beginning of my regretting buying this mic? I loved the performance and features, but none of that matters if this crazy behavior just happens out of the blue. Mic is about 8 months old and only occasionally used.... in a studio at that! Thanks for any help.
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